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Soul Seekers

The event was a Jordan Marsh fashion show in Fort Lauderdale, FL.  The band members, left to right, are Fred Ostertag, Red Dunn (my brother), Chuck Wright, and me (Kyle).  I was 14 years old.  For those familiar with south Florida during the 1960s, disc jockey Rick Shaw from WQAM was the master of ceremonies.

Soul Seekers

Rick Shaw was also the MC and one of the judges at the battle of the bands at Code One in Fort Lauderdale. We were the youngest band and the only band with short hair being that we were still in school.  Here I am at the audition.

My brother had to buy new 12’ speakers for his Fender Bassman that he blew out for the audition to get into the battle.  What a thrill for us it was to play in the battle of the bands at Code One.

When we played at New River Jr. High School, we created a strobe light from a record box, an Erector Set motor, a bic pen without the ink insert and a slice cut out of a cardboard circle.  It was just good luck but it worked as well as any strobe I’ve ever seen.  Here’s my brother, Red, setting it up for the New River Jr. High School dance.

This photo of our drummer, Fred, reminds me that it was a Valentine’s Day dance.  Good memories last a long time.

The Beatles got me hooked on the paisley print we added to our guitars and amp screens.  Here I am, down on my knees, at the end of Come On Up by the Rascals, the last song of the night.

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