Stringfest Standard Violin Strings 3/4-1/2

  • Responsive and easy to play
  • Made in Germany of the finest quality
  • Soft on the fingers
  • Instant response and full-bodied warm sound
  • Synthetic gut core



Stringfest Standard Violin Strings are very responsive and easy to play.  German-made, they are of the highest quality.  Soft on the fingers, instant response, and a full-bodied warm sound make these strings a great choice.  A special process in winding results in exceptional durability and longer life.  Designed with a synthetic gut core to take your sound to the next level… Become the musician you want to be!

Stringfest Standard Violin Strings 3/4 – 1/2:
E – Silvery Steel, Ball End
A – Synthetic Gut Core with Aluminum winding
D – Synthetic Gut Core with Aluminum winding
G – Synthetic Gut Core with Silver winding


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