Dominant Viola Strings, 15"-16.5" Viola, Medium Tension

  • Widely regarded as “the reference standard”
  • Tonal warmth and feel of a gut string
  • Impervious to changes in humidity
  • Soft, clear sound with a stable intonation
  • Rich in overtones



This Dominant viola strings set fits violas 15-16.5 inches in length. Widely regarded as “the reference standard.” Their synthetic core is highly flexible. This provides the tonal warmth and feel of a gut string. These strings are impervious to changes in humidity. The sound is soft, clear with a stable intonation. Rich in overtones. Medium tension.

Dominant Viola Strings 15″-16.5″ Set:
E – Synthetic Core/Aluminum Wound
A – Synthetic Core/Aluminum Wound
D – Synthetic Core/Silver Wound
G – Synthetic Core/Silver Wound

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