Dominant Viola Strings, 14" Viola, Medium Tension

  • Widely regarded as “the reference standard”
  • Tonal warmth and feel of a gut string
  • Impervious to changes in humidity
  • Soft, clear sound with a stable intonation
  • Rich in overtones



This Dominant viola strings set fits violas 14 inches in length. Widely regarded as “the reference standard.” Their synthetic core is highly flexible. This provides the tonal warmth and feel of a gut string. These strings are impervious to changes in humidity. The sound is soft, clear with a stable intonation. Rich in overtones. Medium tension.

Dominant Viola Strings 14″ Set:
E – Synthetic Core/Aluminum Wound
A – Synthetic Core/Aluminum Wound
D – Synthetic Core/Silver Wound
G – Synthetic Core/Silver Wound

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