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Aynsley Porchak

Music connects people.  I met Tim Jones of Carolina Blue when he graciously played one of my TKD mandolins at the International Bluegrass Music Association tradeshow.  Because of that chance meeting, I came across the music of Aynsley Porchak.  To introduce you, here is Aynsley playing Orange Blossom Special with Carolina Blue.  

When I began exploring Aynsley’s music, I loved this video of Aynsley playing fiddle, accompanied by Daniel Boner on guitar.  I can’t help but say, Wow!

Here’s a video of Aynsley playing with Lincoln Hensley and ProfessorDan recreating the feel and vibe of vintage bluegrass.

Aynsley is now playing with The Tennessee Bluegrass band, John Meador on lead vocals and guitar, Tim Laughlin on mandolin and harmony vocals, Lincoln Hensley on banjo, and Gracie Meador on upright bass and harmony vocals.

Here is a link to The Tennessee Bluegrass Band’s official website where you can find festival dates, book them for a private performance, and hear more of their exceptional bluegrass music.

Check out Aynsley’s social media sites for more of her music …

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